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Winter Fire Safety Tips

We all need heat to keep us warm during cold weather, however, heating our homes don’t come without risks. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, home fires occur more in winter than any other season. Keeping the following safety tips in mind as you heat your home daily this winter:

Gas Furnace:

Has your furnace been inspected to ensure that it’s in good working condition?

Inspect the walls and ceiling near the furnace and along the chimney line. If the wall is hot or discolored, install additional pipe insulation.

Check that the flue pipe and pipe seams are well supported and without holes and cracks. Soot along or around the seams may be a sign of a leak.

Be sure to keep combustible items away from the heating system.

General Winter Fire Safety Tips:

Keep portable generators outside, away from windows, and as far away as possible from your home to prevent carbon monoxide build-up.

Never use a range or an oven for a heating source. Plug only one heater into a wall outlet at a time to avoid overloading the circuit. If you can’t use a wall outlet, use an extension cord of the same size or larger than the heater’s electrical cord.

Avoid using electric heaters in bathrooms or other areas where water is frequently used.

Do not try to thaw frozen pipes with a blow torch or other open flame. The pipe could conduct the heat and ignite the wall structure inside the wall space.

Regularly plan and practice your fire escape plan with your family, ensuring to establish two exits in each room.

Use emergency escape ladders to exit through windows if your primary escape route is blocked.

If there is a fire hydrant near your home, keep it clear of snow to help the fire department locate it in case of an emergency.

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