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What’s a Water Mist Extinguisher?

Your first instinct may be to reach for a fire extinguisher if and when a fire breaks out, especially if it’s a small fire.  However, sometimes water mist fire extinguishers can be better suited to putting out a fire than relying on handheld traditional extinguisher units. The following are the basics of water mist extinguishers and what you need to know:

What Exactly is Mist Fire Extinguishers?

Water mist fire extinguishers aren’t filled with regular water, or the foam you expect from ordinary fire extinguishers to carry as chargers. Instead, they are loaded with deionized water that expels from the canister as a mist. The water is dispersed in such a way that it will eliminate the fire without leaving a giant wet mess behind to clean up afterward. The wet conditions can damage your building and the contents of the room where the fire occurred. Luckily, with these special mist extinguishers, you won’t have to worry about water damage on top of fire damage to your business.

How Do They Work?

The deionized water works better for fighting fires than regular ionized water because the ions are removed, this type of water does not conduct electricity, making it safe to use around electrical devices and appliances. The design of the nozzle component on these extinguishers ensures that the water comes out in tiny drops that are almost too small to see. Thus, they can be used on delicate materials that might otherwise be also damaged by other firefighting methods.

What Types of Fires Can They be Used For?

Class A fires are the “typical” fires started by heat and sparks that lead to combustion while Class C fires are ones involving electrical hazards. Both of these types of fires can be put out by water mist extinguishers. Hospitals and other locations that need to prevent the infiltration of germs to ensure total sanitation would benefit from mist extinguishers. Museums and different types of buildings that are decades old or even centuries old and need to be carefully preserved would need to have these extinguishers installed. Finally, if your building houses valuable and powerful server equipment, then these fire extinguishers are ideal fire protection solutions to rely on as well.

We Are Here to Help!

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Fire FighterWhat’s a Water Mist Extinguisher?

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