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Electric Blanket Safety

Electric blankets are a favorite winter accessory, but they are not without potential risks. The following discusses some tips for you and your family to keep in mind the next time you’re snuggled up under your favorite electric blanket.

Electric blankets are an absolute savior for those who can’t seem to get warm on cold winter nights. They have electrical wires sewn between fabric panels, that can heat an entire bed quickly and evenly. Warm and toasty is right!

While electric blankets have significantly improved in style and efficiency over the years, there’s still one thing that remains a concern: SAFETY! As with any electrical product, safety risks are a part of owning an electric blanket, but you can enjoy using your heated bed/blanket without too many worries as long as you follow a few safety precautions.

-It’s important to sleep under your electric blanket, not on top. The blanket is threaded with internal coils, that can become damaged if too much weight is placed on them. Also, make sure there aren’t any pillows, books, or stuffed animals piled on top of the blanket while it is in use. The weight from those items can cause the heat from escaping from under the blanket.

 -Do NOT fall asleep with your blanket on. Aside from the apparent reason of waking covered in sweat. Falling asleep with your electric blanket on is unsafe because it can overheat. This practice is particularly dangerous to infants and people with disabilities, who cannot control the heating source themselves. Some electric blankets are rated for safe overnight use; however, we recommend that you would do so with caution.

 -The electric blanket should not be on all the time. Although this may seem obvious, turn it off when it’s not in use. You should also check to see if your model has an automatic shut-off in the event of overheating the blanket will shut off. Most electric blankets do not have this.

 -Do not place the cord to your electric blanket between your bed’s mattress and box spring. The cord can potentially heat up enough to cause a fire.

 -Never wash, iron, or dry-clean your electric blanket. The internal wires can become damaged in a washing machine or by the heat of an iron.

 -Be sure to keep your pets away from your electric blanket. Sharp claws and teeth can dig through the surface of the blanket and internal wires.

An electric blanket can be warm and comforting during the cold winter months if properly used and maintained. However, when the recommended precautions aren’t followed, these cozy blankets can contribute to a higher risk of injury and fire. Though there are potential risks, as with many products, understanding the product, its potential risks and what to do to prevent them can help you safely enjoy your heating blanket. Remember to stay safe and enjoy your cozy winter nights!

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